Roofline Loft Conversions

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Roofline loft conversions are an affordable solution to creating an additional room in your home.

Many of us simply do not feel we have the funds for a loft conversion, or take on a large scale building project. This is where roofline loft conversions come in!

Providing you have a minimum internal loft height of 2.1m then your loft can be converted into a beautiful new room.

Roofline loft conversions are a very cost-effective way of converting your loft, because in many cases properties can be altered without changing the shape of the roof at all, meaning there is less building work and less cost!

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Roofline loft conversions are ideal if your loft is spacious, as this means you already have enough height and room without the need to alter the shape of the roof. By simply adding some roof windows for light and air, it can become a very open and useful living space.

If your loft is smaller and a little restricted, this type of conversion can still be useful to create a study or office space, or a small bedroom. again, using roof windows for light and ventilation.


To create an even larger internal space, have a look at Dormer Loft Conversions or if you have a hip-end roof, Hipped to Gable Loft Conversions or if you want to maximise space , a combination of both!

There is less building work involved with roofline loft conversions than in other types of loft conversions which reduces the cost dramatically. This also means the timescale in which the work can be completed is quicker.



Planning permission is not usually required in this type of conversion as you are not changing the roof structure at all and therefore not changing the look of the property or affecting anyone else around you.

A Roofline Loft Conversion typically involves:
  • Upgrading the loft floor with bigger timbers suitable of taking the extra loading

  • Insulating the roof

  • Installing a staircase

  • Installing roof windows for light/ventilation and means of escape

  • Installing smoke alarms on all floor levels

  • Replacing all internal doors (leading off the staircase) with fire doors

It is important to have some specifications or plans drawn up for building regulations. Although this can be a daunting process, LSM Builders are up to date on all requirements and will not only comply but exceed building regulations requirements.


Our design and build service can take care of plans and construction specification to satisfy building  control and create that modern, beautiful and safe space that you desire.

We are very experienced in all types of loft conversions  and would be more than happy to discuss any of your requirements.

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