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You have decided you need additional space within your home but where do you start?
The first point of contact for most people is either a local builder or an architect (designer) either should be able to give you a broad (sometimes very broad) estimate of cost. Our design and build service offers a revolutionary alternative.



Here is the current problem…..


Builders can’t provide true quotes for large projects without having detailed plans and construction specification to work to. Generally, the best they can offer is a vague estimate.

Plans for domestic building works are often done by “designers” (not architects) who know how to use software on a PC but have little experience with actual building works. They can often be naive to what is actually possible and realistic (especially when working to a budget)

Qualified Architects don’t tend to get involved with smaller projects. If they do, expect to pay a premium. Don’t get us wrong a good architect can be worth their weight in gold for clients wanting unique concepts and bespoke designs. But it can be hard to justify a qualified architect’s fee for a simple extension or conversion.

Getting plans designed without having a realistic budget in mind. Clients often have an idea of what they would like the project to cost (generally a rough price per m2 offered by the architect or builder.) It is so easy to get caught up in the design phase and with a few clicks of a button the designer can increase the size, include a roof lantern/bi-folding doors/glass walls/ additional roof windows……

The plans may look fantastic but those few clicks can easily push the price of the job up by thousands of pounds.

Costs are coming in higher than expected. When the customer has spent the past 12 weeks waiting for the plans to be approved and are now in a position to get builders quotes, they find that the costs are coming in way above their expectations and now have to take a chance on a builder who says they can deliver within budget or go back to the drawing board.

Too many cooks in the kitchen nobody wants to take responsibility! Its near impossible to include every detail in plans or foresee every eventuality but some of the plans we have worked to have been very wrong! The builder points out the designer’s mistakes, the designer might try to come up with a solution but more often than not the customer nearly always ends up footing the bill.



LSM Builders Offer an Alternative

With our design and build service we will come out and discuss what you have in mind, find out what is feasible, offer advice and come up with an initial concept.

We will estimate a cost based on the size and spec of the build and offer alternative ideas to get the project within the desired budget.


We might find that a loft conversiongarage conversion or cellar conversion can give you the additional space you require for less than the cost of an extension.

With our design and build service we can’t pass the book. We need to make sure the plans are right, that there is enough detail and that every aspect of the project is covered.


What to expect from us?…..

  • We will give a realistic all-in cost for your project.

  • We will undertake all design work including structural engineer’s calcs and detailed construction specification.

  • We will take care of planning (if required) and building control applications and fees.

  • We will provide an extremely detailed and fully itemised quotation. This includes a thorough schedule of works, a payment schedule by project build phases, a commencement and completion date.

With our design and build service, we listen to what you want and we deliver! From concept to completion, a guaranteed build price from the start! No grey areas, no unexpected additional costs, no surprises!

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