House Extensions

LSM Builders have been specialising in house extensions for many years.

Whatever you require, be it a simple porch or a double story extension and loft conversion. If you live in Sheffield or anywhere throughout South Yorkshire, we are able to assist.

In this financial climate, many people are choosing to extend their homes and add more value rather than move house. This could be more bedrooms, a bigger lounge, home office or dining room. Maybe you wish to extend an existing room, or change the whole layout of a section of your home!

It can be a daunting process which is why it is so important to instruct the right people to build your house extension.

LSM Builders are experienced, qualified and more than happy to help.



Our Sheffield tradesmen can discuss with you the options that are available for all types of house extensions, advise you on whether you would require planning permission, and go through all the details with you.

A good house extension should look as if it has always been there, which is what we strive to achieve. We will work along side you for the duration of the project to create the extension of your dreams.

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Single storey extensions are a cost effective way of creating that extra space you desire.

In this day and age, the cost of moving house can be in the thousands, and many people are opting to extend their homes rather than move house.


Although there is cost to adding more space to your home, it is often far less than a potential house move and will ultimately add value to your property at the same time.

Single storey extensions are a popular choice in the uk



This usually involves a kitchen being extended or an extension to the property creating 2 more rooms, maybe you need a place for the kids to play or an office space. Extensions of this nature can open up a home and bring in much more light and space.

We often feel cramped in our homes and the need to spread out is a problem solved with  single storey extensions.


Open plan living spaces are very desirable and by using this method of exending, you can create such a home. If you desire even more space, additional bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms etc why not consider a double story extension.

Most homes can be extended depending on the land you have, we would be happy to come out and discuss your options.

Often single storey extensions don’t require planning permission.....


it all depends on size and whether it encroaches on anyone else. Below is information on what you can do with single storey extensions for them to be considered a permitted development (meaning no planning permission is required)

  • Materials used in the exterior work should be similar in appearance to those of the exterior of the existing house.

  • The width of a side extension must not be greater than half the width of the original house.

  • Side extensions must be single storey with a maximum height of 4m.

  • If the extension is within 2m of a boundary, the maximum eaves height should be no higher than 3m.

  • A single-storey extension must not extend beyond the rear of the house by more than 3m for an attached house or 4m if the house is detached.

Regardless of whether you need planning permission or not

You will need to have detailed plans and construction specification drawn-up for building regulations. This is to ensure the build is completed to the minimum required standard and is safe and habitable.

LSM Builders we are up to date on all regulations and will comply with building control to create that warm, safe and modern home you desire.


We can assist you with the build from start to finish with our design to build service. Our on board designers can deal with any spec/plans that are needed and submit to building control on your behalf. Let us take the stress from you!


Double Storey Extensions Can Be A Serious Addition To Your Home!


As families grow and so do our belongings it becomes apparent we need more space! The cost of moving to a larger property is vast and out of many of our budgets. This is the reason many people are choosing to extend their homes instead.

People don’t want to move but aren’t sure what else they can do with limited space.


Double storey extensions are a great way of extending your home at a far lesser cost than moving house.


Not only can you extend the downstairs and have an open plan living space (or a few extra rooms for a child’s play room or office) but the upstairs is extended too, adding a master bedroom with an en-suite maybe, or another child’s bedroom.....

Whatever your reasons for needing the extra space, double storey extensions creates this space without taking too much of the land you have. It will also add value to your property, making extending your home a fantastic investment.

It is highly likely you will require planning permission for a build of this scale

as you will be altering the appearance of your property and your nearby neighbours and residents will be contacted to make sure they do not object. See our planning permission page for more information.


Plans and construction specification are required for double storey extensions

which will be submitted for planning permission and also to building control. All types of building work are completed with strict regulations in place to ensure your build is done to standard and is safe and habitable.

We have many years experience in all types of house extensions, are up to date on all current building regulations and will comply with such to create a safe and modern environment for you and your family.

LSM Builders can provide you with a complete design and build service


The design, build and completion of your extension can all be done in house, with our on board architect organising the plans and submitting them to the relevant agencies on your behalf.

We are more than happy to come and discuss the options with you and offer advise where needed.

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